Press releases 2019

PRKI003 - Nov 2019

SMT Power Inductors-Replacement for using VISHAY IHLP

SMT Power Inductors-Replacement fo using VISHAY IHLP

knitter-inductive introduced a new SMT Power Inductor series 20-47 which offers a large saturation current and a low DCR resistance at a very small size.


PRKI002 - May 2019

SMT wire-wound Ceramic Inductors

New series of SMT wire-wound Ceramic Inductors

knitter-inductive introduced a new series of SMT wire-wound ceramic inductors which offer a low DCR resistance, High Q factor and large current compared to ferrite chip inductors.


KI001 - Mar 2019

Murata Replacement

Series of THT Common Mode Chokes

New series of THT Common Mode Chokes which is a 1:1 replacement to the discontinued PLA10 Series from Murata.